The Automotive Quality Institute (AQI) is a company of the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA). The AQI creates future-oriented concepts and methods with the focus on the quality management. In cooperation with the TU Berlin, science and industry are linked together in an unique network – in the City Center of Berlin.


AQI combines practical applications with university research for quality management in the automotive industry.

The central objective is the implementation of innovative projects from research and development to improve and strengthen the quality procedures and processes in companies.

AQI has immediate access to an extensive network of experts in the automotive industry because of the VDA and its Quality Management Center (QMC) - through our cooperation with the TU Berlin an unproblematic connection with science is ensured.


Create Quality - Create Future! Quality in the Centre of our Actions

Create Quality
We create solutions, tools and methods to improve quality.

Create Future
We develop new concepts and ideas for future technologies and innovations.

Quality in the Centre of our Actions
We generate added value by increasing the quality of products and processes of our customers.


AQI connects members of the VDA with university research, creating a central direction of quality management. Thereby AQI can flexibly react to trends in automotive industry and develop practice-oriented concepts with public institutions. This combination between research and practice is a unique and future-oriented platform in order to create quality processes of tomorrow.

VDA is an unincorporated association of the German automotive manufacturers and suppliers based in Berlin. The association bundles perceptions of relevant companies for elaborations and recommendations and thereby creates greater commitment in the implementation (standardization). Sustainable concepts are directly used by the members, therefore assessment in practice is an essential benefit.




01.12.: Grand Opening AQI
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12. Quality Summit of the Automotive Industry on 16./17.11