German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) Quality Management Center

The Quality Management Center (QMC) has existed for the benefit of German automotive OEM’s and their suppliers since August 1997. Under the leadership of Heinz-Günter Plegniere, the QMC operates within the section of the German Automotive Industry Association (VDA) run by Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Eichhorn.

The roles and responsibilities undertaken by the QMC are varied and the questions surrounding quality management in the automotive industry occupy us on daily basis.

The spectrum ranges from developing systems and methods to shaping the future of quality management systems in the automotive industry.
These developments, as well as the direction of QMC, are steered by the top-level committee regarding quality matters in the German automotive industry: the QM Commission, chaired by Frank Tuch from Volkswagen AG.

The QM Commission is formed by VDA members and consists of the Quality Management Directors of all the automotive OEM’s, an equal number of suppliers, and the VDA, represented by one of its Executive Directors.