Big Data


Customers are increasingly using vehicles with more components, process networks in ever more complex nature among themselves the data store and also communicate. In the context of these terms as for repairs caused further data, in various kinds and at different times.

In heavily increasingly arise as data to analyze uncertain and difficult to secure due to their quantity and complexity of different sources - "Big Data".


  • Methods for analyzing the data (identification, analysis, narrowing, impact/prognosis, measures effectiveness and clean linking the sources) as a continuous process in quality management

  • Models for early maintenance, design of components, clarification of collateral, early fault detection and feed the findings into projects

  • Hedge the processes that underlie the data capture and business processes


  • Methods for testing and ensuring the quality of data

  • Protection of the non-automotive-chain with new business models

  • Adaptation of the hardware functions by, for example, integration of "counters"

  • Monitoring of the long-term quality through intelligent linking new and existing data

  • Improvement of customer acceptance and the Image division (who is responsible when a service does not work)