Industry 4.0


Industry 4.0 refers to the fourth industrial revolution and is characterized by the real-time, intelligent, horizontal and vertical networking of people, machines and objects.


  • Analysis of the effects of Industrial 4.0 on quality management and the organization and competence

  • Ensuring traceability and customization of components with real-time information about errors , swift corrective action and continuous process adjustments


  • Interface supplier and manufacturer - use of RFID technology, real-time bi-directional data transfer, new organizational concepts / processes for highly networked production with decentralized control

  • In the factory of the manufacturer - communication of manufacturing machines with each other, data transfer, -Volume and analysis, use of new technologies (e.g. sensors for touch, smart glasses)

  • Interface manufacturer and customer/field - real-time information of vehicle data, social media analysis of customer reviews and feedback, integration of customers and partners in business and value-added processes

  • Optimization and validation of multi-dimensional value network into an integrated intermodal services