Claim Management 4.0


Claims are managed in the automotive industry, whenever a customer complaint exists in the market. In case of specific part failure then a "failure part flow" occurs to the responsible factory or supplier. Here a corresponding analysis is done to identify the root cause and resolve the failure. In parallel the incurred costs in form of warranty and goodwill need to be refunded. After clarification of responsibilities these expenses are partially transferred in form of recourse to the supplier.

Initial Situation

  • Procedures regarding the "failure parts flow", allocation of costs and recourse are not standardised and are handled in different ways

  • IT systems are only partially interlinked and data is not systematically analysed

  • The quality specifications relate almost exclusively to the legal warranty period

  • A "Total Cost of Ownership" comparison based on quality costs and impact over the entire product life cycle is often not considered in the development and supplier-award process


  • Definition of new factors according to Industry 4.0 on claim management

  • Benchmark at OEMs and suppliers including the possibility of overall standardisation

  • Description of the risk and impact in the entire process chain

  • Product life cycle -oriented data collection and use for systematic linkage to realize a quality efficient settlement system