New Technology Materials


In the automotive industry new technology materials especially name fiber composite materials and refers to the underlying technology.

Composite technology refers to the development, production and use of mixed materials, which consist of two or more components always including a fiber component.


  • Analyzing the impact of fiber-reinforced materials technologies to the quality assurance in the entire process chain

  • Determination of quality-related issues and derive needs for action (e.g. error images/testing processes)


  • Inhomogeneous material properties arise only in the manufacturing process of the component - new test methods in production and standardized approach in the supply chain definition conformity-of-production, reduce error costs

  • Assembling and joining of fiber composite materials - test methods for adhesive joints, corrosion risks of metal-plastic connections

  • Surface processes - painted surfaces (appearance and paint adhesion etc.)

  • Failure mechanisms of fiber composites – fault resolution process, diagnosis/repair and long term quality

  • Long-term quality of fiber composites - aging resistance under various environmental conditions, fatigue behavior, simulations etc.