Networking/Autonomous Driving


Networking means the vehicle-to-vehicle or vehicle-to-infrastructure communication (Car2X) and the wireless cooperative exchange of mobile online data.

Autonomous Driving identifies the independent, purposeful movement of a vehicle without human intervention. The system completely takes over longitudinal and lateral control in a defined application.


  • Development of necessary specifications and diagnostic functions for software-specific functions by the manufacturer and the customer subsequently integrated software (e.g. as apps) as the basis for VDA-standardization regarding interfaces and quality processes

  • Uniform definition of interfaces, quality procedures and responsibilities of quality-related aspects of functions for autonomous driving


  • No automotive suppliers - building knowledge about quality-relevant partner in the non-automotive sector

  • Compliance with the security requirements and compliance with data protection - capability for testing vehicle functions

  • Deployment of managed services - use of the (remote) diagnosis , and integration of update functions

  • Protection of quality-related functions of autonomous driving - development of new methods of ensuring quality in functional systems

  • Zero-defect claim with relevant functional systems - performing functional simulation for approvals

  • Ensuring proper functioning of autonomous driving components

  • Introduction of fault resolution processes , clarify liability-related issues and problems of recovery