Agile Development

Agile Development

The automotive industry is undergoing a transformation toward greater digitization of its products and services - and thus toward shorter development cycles and greater dynamics. This requires a new way of developing.

While linear product development processes have dominated the automotive industry in the past, agile approaches are becoming more important. This increasing agility also challenges the former understanding of quality management and requires new quality management responses in the transition to agile development methods in the automotive industry.

Quality Management for Agile Software Development

The AQI has described the challenges in assuring the quality of agile-developed software and derived recommendations for companies in the automotive industry. In particular, industry-specific standards such as ISO 26262 for functional safety, Automotive SPICE or maturity assurance for new parts were evaluated and considered with regard to their compatibility with agile approaches. For maturity assurance, AQI has developed concrete proposals on how a new version of the VDA volume could meaningfully support agile development.

Project Reports:

Challenges for quality management in agile enviroment

Pocket Guide: Quality Management for Agile Software Development

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