Charging infrastructure for electromobility

A well-functioning network of charging stations is crucial for the acceptance and success of electromobility. At present, the charging infrastructure for electric vehicles still shows major weaknesses in terms of consumer usability, as e.g. ADAC and Stiftung Warentest have found in their latest tests. However, the owner of an electric vehicle is only then satisfied with his vehicle, if the charging process is also a positive experience for him. This is the only way to convince larger groups of the population to buy an electric vehicle.

A consistent methodology for assessing customer satisfaction with regard to the charging process would open up the possibility of improving the usability of charging infrastructure. So far, the AQI has developed key performance indicators (KPIs) that enable a consistent quality assurance of the charging process and all related activities (e.g. billing) from the customer's perspective. These KPIs help to make the customer satisfaction with the charging measurable. Furthermore, the AQI has defined requirements necessary for the implementation of a customer satisfaction assessment framework. Currently, the implementation of such a customer satisfaction assessment framework is being prepared.