Reliability Control Loop

With the increasing complexity of products in the automotive industry, it is more necessary than ever to ensure seamless component-related communication of reliability-relevant data between all manufacturers and suppliers involved in the vehicle manufacturing process.

The AQI has identified this problem as a key issue years ago and has already completed several interrelated and consecutive projects. Within the framework of these projects, a Reliability Control Loop prototype has been developed. With the help of artificial intelligence (AI), this prototype offers numerous functionalities, such as intelligent data analysis, pattern recognition of faults, tracing of production information and prediction of production failures. The developed Reliability Control Loop prototype was successfully piloted in 2019.

The AQI is currently developing a digital platform, which – based on a concept developed by the AQI – exchanges, processes and analyses data between manufacturers and suppliers in the supply chain with the support of AI algorithms.

After many years of experience in the field of 'Intelligent Data Integration and Analysis’, the AQI has developed Q-miner, a branch-neutral platform for combining the evaluation of quality data. The Q-miner platform enables quality-assured identification and analysis of failures causes in data – both within and across companies.