Big Data – Analysis

Big Data - Data Analysis

Intelligent, AI-based linking and analysis of supply chain data can generate valuable information for quality management.


Vehicles are highly complex products that are developed and produced over a long supply chain. With each logistics step in the supply chain, the amount of data about the product, the production process and the delivery increases. The data volumes very quickly reach such a size that they can only be meaningfully evaluated using statistical methods and AI-based analyses.

Intelligent, AI-powered quality platform.

The AQI has identified this problem as a focal point for itself for years and has already developed a quality platform that offers numerous functionalities with the help of artificial intelligence (AI), such as:

Intelligent data analysis

Pattern recognition of faults

Tracing of production information

Prediction of production failures

The quality platform makes it possible to identify and analyze the causes of errors in data in a quality-assured manner - both within and across companies.

Intelligent Data Integration and Analysis

After many years of experience in the field of 'Intelligent Data Integration and Analysis’, the AQI has developed Q-miner, a branch-neutral platform for combining the evaluation of quality data. The Q-miner platform enables quality-assured identification and analysis of failures causes in data – both within and across companies.

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