E-mobility charging infrastructure

A reliable network of charging stations is crucial for the acceptance and success of e-mobility.


Currently the charging infrastructure for electric vehicles still shows major weaknesses in terms of usability as e.g. ADAC and Stiftung Warentest have found in recent tests. However, the owner of an electric vehicle is only satisfied with his vehicle if the charging process is also a positive experience for him. This is the only way to convince larger segments of the population to buy an electric vehicle.

Improving the charging experience

In order to evaluate and improve the user experience of charging, a standardized method for evaluating customer satisfaction is essential. The AQI has developed such an evaluation method with associated quality metrics on all activities related to the charging process (e.g., billing). In addition, AQI has developed an evaluation platform for recording and analyzing customer satisfaction. Shortcoming in charging are thus quickly identified and the corrective action process regarding charging is simplified and accelerated.

Determination of demand for fast charging stations

The expansion of fast charging stations plays a decisive role in ensuring that e-vehicles can be charged with the shortest possible charging pauses, especially on long routes. For this purpose, AQI has developed a tool to determine the charging demand along long-distance roads. By graphically displaying the charging needs of electric vehicles, route sections on which the future demand for fast charging points will be particularly high are quickly and intuitively identified. Taking into account the fast charging points already installed today, location recommendations for additional fast charging points can be derived.

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